Project goals

Overall goal:

Development of innovative vocational training and modification of attitudes of intact population to disabled in environment of upbringing-educational process in Slovakia.

Project purpose:

To contribute to a better quality of the process of integration of individuals with special educational needs to the society by means of:

  • specific educational activities under the testing innovative professional education;
  • further training of pedagogic workers;
  • exchange of information with experts of the partnership countries.

Specific goals:

  • to increase level of knowledge about toleration and to develop positive attitudes related to elimination of chicane, behaviour disorders, truancy, aggressiveness and exclusion from the class collective of the individuals with special educational needs
  • to deepen knowledge of children and youth about life of handicapped people, to teach them to accept such people
  • to support and apply innovative techniques of professional education and training
  • to develop human resources and modify attitudes of teachers towards integrated education by means of trainings with emphasis on increasing level of knowledge about inclusive techniques
  • to strengthen European cooperation in the field of special education
  • to build a basis for new innovative educational programmes in the framework of all-life education
  • to develop all-life education in the stated issue